Monday, March 31, 2014

BEST INDIE TRACKS FOR MARCH 2014: James Supercave, Wye Oak, JAWS,…

Of course, a lot of new album releases this month of March: “Atlas” the 3rd album for Real Estate, “Singles” the 4th album by Future Islands, “Mess” the 7th album by Liars with indeed many BPM and decibels, “Lost In the Dream” the 3rd album for War on Drugs, “Love Letters”, 4th album for Metronomy, “GIRL” the 2nd album by Pharrell Williams and so on, but sometimes the singles out of them a few months back were enough…In March, it seems that Boy/Girl duos are more present than ever, electro music genre is darker than ever, synth pop poppier than ever.

All of these trends are featured in the “ Best Indie Tracks for March 2014” 10 songs playlist below or, as usual, directly from pleer player here .

1- Not to be mixed up with Film Noir, a Greek new wave band of the 80s, the unreliable info about newcomer Film/Noir are that is name is Tobi Fadale and that he is a 19 year-old Londoner. The only accurate info is that his first dark synth track ”Limbo”, out this month on his soundcloud before his EP “ Oracle Bay” in summer, is very promising.

2- Music from Bernard+ Edith, a Girl/Boy duo from  Manchester/UK  is tagged under “Experimental/Ambient/Art Music” on their bandcamp, where they already released 2 EPs. The new one “Poppy” is out now. Nick 'Bernard' Delap, ex Egyptian Hip Hop, provides church like synth pop bells and vocoder voice mixed with Greta 'Edith' Caroll’s one.

3- Another Girl/Boy mixed singing, Weeknight duo from New York is Holly MacGibbon, Andy Simmons. The 1st LP “Post- Everything” is out on their bandcamp. Darker than The xx, with the song of the cicadas as a bonus.

4- A German Boy/Boy duo now with Circuit Diagram made of Kris Alert on samples & programming and Nicolas Sheikholeslami on drums & vibes. They fuse hypnotic psychedelic and krautrock but they don’t sing though, letting the work done by fellow Berlin-based Touchy Mob, on the new track “Motown” out from their new EP released by No Counter Records.

5- KIll J is a Danish duo, making the following statement about their new track “Bullet”: “This song is dedicated to the victims of other peoples bullshit convictions. People who act sinful, hateful and ungodly in the name of their God”.Julie, a classical trained singer, has the capacity to simulate the sound of an automatic gun to accompany the pulsating synths of Lennart along with cooing in a most delightful way. “Phoenix” another track available on their soundcloud gives the whole idea about their R&B and hip-hop vibe.

6- The quartet band from Brooklyn,Small Black, appeared in 2010 in the chillwave world with a 1st album and the single “Photojournalist”. Since their 2nd album “Limits of Desire” they moved to razor sharp synths and even syncopated ones on “Downtown Lights” while keeping the 80’s flavor of this song, originally recorded by the Scottish group, The Blue Nile.This is one of  the 5 tracks of their new EP ”Real People” out now.

7- James Supercave is the new art pop band of the moment in Los Angeles. The quintet has only one EP “The Afternoon” out this month on Hit City USA label. “Old Robot” has also a cute childish lyric video.
8- For their 4th album “Shriek” out in April, the Baltimore duo, Wye Oak, is making a drastic shift in sound: no massive sound of guitars and indeed it is a fresh sound, putting Jenn Wasner’s voice to the front. ”The Tower” was the 1st single already reviewed everywhere and “Logic of Color” another potential one.
9- Funny enough, with their new single “Think Too Much, Feel Too Little” sounding a lot like The 1975, the four piece band from Birmingham/UK, JAWS  might start another battle of bands, like Blur/Oasis, The 1975 coming also from Manchester like Oasis. But the guitars on their first two EPs were not at all 1975! Wishing JAWS the same success.

10- Propelled into the world of summer hits in 2011 with their 1st single
“Pumped Up Kicks”, the LA trio of Foster The People is wise enough to think that a sophomore album “feels like a coming of age” (1st single of “Supermodel” out in March). So they were confident enough to even dare to take a psychotropic wanderlust on the 2nd single “Pseudologia Fantastica”.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

SMOKE- FILLED HAZE OVER 2014, THE 10 BEST PSYCH TRACKS SO FAR: Wild Smiles, Temples, Antimatter People,…

Tapping into the niche market of psychedelic music, 2 cities will host their 1st edition of a Psych Festival : Berlin/Germany on April 18 & 19 and Paris/France from July 4 to 6. Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow or Cardiff in UK already have one of their own.
The premiere destination for psychedelic rock fans is obviously Austin Psych Fest with its 7th edition taking place from May 2-4 at Carson Creek Ranch, near Austin/Texas.
Within the 80 bands performing in Austin, Loop, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Black Angels or Moon Duo appear like mature psychedelic bands compared to a new generation of guys playing music, extensively described as psychedelic: Toy, The Underground Youth ,..
It’s the 3rd time I’m making a playlist about psychedelic music genre concomitant to Austin Psych Festival: in 2009 and in 2011.
And since The Horrors will perform over there, listen to the 11th bonus track on the playlist: it’s the first cut from their 4th album “Luminous” out next May, a 7:30 minute glittering track. “I see You” could easily become a psych synth anthem.
Here below are the 10 best & freshest psychedelic tracks so far in 2014 or directly from Pleer here and there.

1- The first singles of the young English band Wild Smiles edited by Geoff Barrow (Portishead) on his label Invada, were ranging from power pop, shoegazing and grunge genres, whilst “The Hill & The Sea”, a single of their forthcoming album to be released on their new record label Sunday Best Recordings, is more neo-psychedelia.
2- Listening to the first single “Shelter Songback in 2012, you could predict that the four guys from Northamptonshire/UK aka Temples would follow the path of Tame Impala success story after their first single “SkeletonTiger” in 2008. Their debut album “Sun Structures” was out in February. Out of the 12 tracks, ”Mesmerize”, “Colours to Life”, were the first singles. “Sand Dance” is another potential one.

3- Holy Wave, the 5 piece band from El Paso/Texas released an 11 tracks 2nd album “Relax” last January. Since they are signed at The Reverberation Appreciation Society, they will of course perform at the affiliated Austin Psych Fest. “Star Stamp” vocal phrasing reminds me “A Horse with No Name”.

4- Brisbane/Australia rock explorers Blank Realm began releasing music in 2007 and issued their newest album “Grassed Inn” in January.Just like the dense psych of their 2010's album ”Headless Ark”, here is the single “Falling Down The Stairs”.
5- With a 4th album “Maui Tears” out in January, San Francisco psych rock band, Sleepy Sun are veterans in the psych battle field. The very first single “The Lane” remains the best track, inevitably recalling Anton Newcombe.

6- Coming from the folk galaxy, Canadian illustrator, animator and singer/songwriter Chad VanGaalen announced, a few months back, that his fifth solo album “will blow everyone's mind”. And so did the first available single “Where Are You” of the album “Shrink Dust” to be released next April. Are the distorted guitars and his fragile voice becoming more distant, hints of a new direction?

7- On their debut album “Champagne Holocaust” last year, the 6 English members of Fat White Family were already messing up music genres from country, garage to lo-fi psych and always with a provocative humour. “Touch The Leather” from their next 3 tracks EP  is indeed a fresh take on psych-pop/rock. Be sure to check the offbeat video!

8- Headlining their Facebook or Soundcloud pages with the phrase “Secret Colours revel in being the bastard seed of the ’60s psychedelia and ’90s Britpop bloodlines” the Chicago now quartet band is indeed into this mix of genres with the single “It Can’t Be Simple” taken from its first installment of “Positive Distractions” released in February. The 1st single of Part 2 out in April is also out.

9- The 5 piece band from London, Antimatter People was already part of the Kitsuné Maison Compilation 15 out in October 2013 and they are also on the Kitsuné New Faces out in February with the song ”Mossy Grounds”.

10- The 5 guys coming from Falmouth/UK forming Pastel Colours only appeared on Facebook on January 1st 2014 so they have 2 singles on their Soundcloud . “Hands Like Silk” has lighter shades than “She Can’t Decide”. More psychedelic brighter colours ahead.